Monday, June 29, 2009

Masturbation Rules

Before the close of the school year, i'll recount a quickie.

i spotted one gr7 student who's a bit odd, possibly masturbating once. But maybe he was just scratching, so i kept my mouth shut. But then later, my coworker commented that w/out a doubt he saw the student jerkin' it in class. "What should we do?" he asked me. "i dunno. Have a talk w/ him. We can meet him before lunch tomorrow."

The timing was good, 'cause i spotted him going at it again in my class that next morning. "Hey, TT, don't do that here, we need to talk before lunch..."

Anyhow, i thought it was kinda funny 'cause my coworker who's a dad of 2 was very upfront about how uncomfortable he was about it. Anyhow, i was pretty happy to sit down w/ TT and my coworker and talk about how normal it is to touch oneself, yadda yadda, but he should do it somewhere private (or find some people who are into watching him, of course), lest he get into trouble w/ the law, or be embarrassed by his peers.

i felt a bit bad after 'cause i think i dealt out one low blow when he asked if we would tell his homeroom teacher. "No we don't want to tell anyone. Not yr homeroom teacher, not your parents. But if we see you doing it again, we'll have to tell." But i pbly should've left the parents out of it. Oh well, you learn as you go.

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