Monday, June 8, 2009

Mission : Aborted / Failed

Well so much for that.

My 1/2 baked and short lived attempts at singledom, that is.

Because that kinda fell apart this past wkend.

Oh well.

A few weeks ago after my friend's concert, a gang of folk to a cafe-bar. i noted that there were a couple girls in the group who i've nver met before so i opted to sit at the table w/ the gay boys instead, thinking that would be very pragmatic.

A few days later, my friend's bf invited me out to play pool w/ his friends. When i arrived i was a bit surprised to find that his 2 friends were the 2 girls i was avoiding previously. Who turned out to be pretty cool. One of whom is a photographer, and i saw some of her pix from scattered locales in China. Seeing as how she knows spots off of the beaten track, and seeing as how i'm trying to throw my summer travel plans into some semblance of order, we arranged to meet up to talk.

But then she invited me out to a French movie, which was fine. Incidentally, it turned out to be an incredibly beautifully shot documentary about how badly we're fucking up the planet. Stuff which i think about daily. The movie is called Home, and it's an impressive piece of cinema, where nature and disaster zones alike, all look pretty breathtaking.

Anyhow, we hung out a lot in the next 48 hours, whereupon i learned that she manages an art gallery and is a fashion magazine editor which she thinks is awful. She speaks a bit of English now and again, but not so much. Not that it's a big problem, though when we hang out w/ other people the conversation tends to again soar over my head.

We went for coffee w/ her friend and she asked how she should introduce me, so i said "you can say we're dating." Which she seemed to think was really exciting. i dunno, that could be a translation thing.

But also, it's now in the works that she can align her 2 wks of summer holiday to meet up w/ me in Guangxi and Yunnan.

So maybe that's crazy fast considering that we've only hung out for one wkend. And also a bit crazy since she hasn't had a ton of relationship experience. Oh well, we'll see where things go. Such is the life i lead.

ps. Interesting side note: this is also the 1st wkend since last summer that i didn't drink. Funny that.

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