Monday, June 29, 2009

Relationships and Cultural Diffs?

a bit of commentary on my gf, QQ.

i had a funny conversation w/ her and her friend this weekend. i mentioned that i plan to go bk to canada in a few years. Her friend asked if i would bring QQ with me. i said it's too early to say. Like WAY too early to say. i commented that we've been dating for a few weeks or so, but in Canada people might have that sort of conversation after a few YEARS or so. Which she and QQ thought was weird.

Also, i mentioned to my friend in India, and my mandarin teacher, that QQ said rather early on, imo, that she loves me. Which i though was rather premature considering that we don't know too much about each other still. But oddly enough they didn't think it was weird at all. They were like, "of course, she's your girlfriend, that's how she's supposed to feel."

So anyhow, i already knew that most chinese folk tend to get into and stay in relationships in a way that westerners don't. So i find myself more inclined to just go w/ the cultural flow of things, since i don't feel like freaking out about any of this right now.

However, i do wonder if i should be careful. ie) my grand aunt, who i consider to be rather paranoid (though she did forwarn me about getting my wallet ripped off, since "you can't trust chinese people") has often ranted about how bad chinese women are, because they just want your money. "It's terrible. Terrible!" she says. Not that i have any reason to feel that QQ is like that at all. But the speed of being "serious" is certainly not an experience i would call "normal". Another example: i mentioned that living in the 'burbs is pbly ok for another year, but then next year i'd like to move dntn where everyone i know and all the stuff i do is. Which she was particularly happy about, and hinted at the possibility of moving in together.

Um, maybe somethings get lost in translation, who knows.

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