Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Difficulties In Staying Single

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Ok. Single single single is the name of the game, but nobody said it would be an easy game, did they.

So almost immediately after i called things off w/ J (la belle femme francaise), i told an msn friend of mine about it, and she said, "No way, me and my bf just broke up for the same reasons!" But i hesitated to meet her since... i'm trying to stay single, and she's self-confessed she's too emotionally needy, so she needs a new bf. (warning lights, anyone?) Also, i recently learned that she found her new requisite bf already, so hopefully that works out for her.


At a show, i am introduced to a very cute girl who has seen me on her friend's photography website. Pix i've nver seen, so she sends them to me, and we start emailing, and make vague plans to meet at a festival. But things don't align, and then it turns out she needs to run off to school in south China.

My photographer friend asks me to do a studio photo session because she's practicing for fashion photography. So i do some poses (some which are great, and some which i deem awful: i don't like any pix which stem from "Look surprised."). Then her friend shows up. A yoga teacher who i've met briefly before. Immediately we're doing snuggly poses and then she's insinuating fellatio with a curling iron whose power cord stems from my fly. Um, deja vu? Photo session aside, she's rather flirty and touchy-feely with me. I was keen to get to know her better, despite the Stay Single game, so i was kinda surprised to learn yesterday that she has a boyfriend.

Which is great.


Now it's easier to stay single!

That's the goal, but frankly i feel like it's fate that's doing the work, not me. i can't really say i WANT to be single, but i KNOW (or think) that it's better if i can stay single for a while. Be more emotionally independent. Yadda yadda. So. Really i've been making zero effort to meet women these days. That's a-ok. But when i do inadvertently meet women, the wheels still start turning. Such is life, i guess.

In other news: i went for dinner with a guy on Friday who seems really cool. That's great 'cause it's strangely rare for me to hang out with men in BJ. Weird, what a life.

The pic is a self-portrait from a dilapidated swimming park i found.

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greensnake said...

it will be hard to stay single if you keep posting pics of yourself almost naked on your blog!