Sunday, May 24, 2009

Techno Isn't Dead

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It's just really boring.

Yesterday i went to Beijing's 1st Electronic music festival. A roster of local and international djs did their thing in a stellar industrial park area in the art district. I realized it was a superb party once i got over the fact that the music was soooo dull. Hey, i listened to tons of techno bk in the day, but all this hardliner techno is 95% just beats, and not only are the beats incredibly repetitive and lacking in melody, but they sound exactly like the beats we listened to 15 years ago. i was a bit incredulous that nobody else seemed to notice.

My brother is quick to note that of course, for most BJ'ers, the music IS new, so hey: rock on. Anyhow, if people are hooting and hollering and waving their hands in the air, we can only presume they love it, so who am i to judge (which i just did, oops).

Aside: i also bumped into the young girl i dated bk in fall for the 1st time, and her supercute new bf. That was really cool, i thought, though at first she did say she shouldn't talk to me for too long or else her bf would get jealous.

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