Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out trips: Easy Come Easy Go

Um, i haven't felt like writing much lately, but i guess i should update you on things.


i had a trip to Datong in Shaanxi province w/ my french lover, which was pretty good. Saw big buddhist statues in caves. Went to a monastery built into the side of a mountain, but after buying tix decided that the 2 hr line up of tourists wasn't worth the effort. Hiked up the mountain and drank wine sitting on the plateau instead.

Somebody discovered my wallet somewhere in my pants. Some young guy gave me super bad vibes staring at me w/ this unrelenting greasy grin. i was all like "fuck, i just want to get the hell away from him." So naturally i suspect he was involved when i noticed that my pocket had been razored. But of course, there's no proof and what are the odds of seeing the guy again?

The next day, on a bus in a different town he was sitting right behind me. Fucking weird. "Ni ji de wo ma?" = "Remember me?" he asked? We talked a tiny bit, which was odd, but he wasn't all weird this time. I went to sleep.

Mostly I'm annoyed that i was carrying a few hundred bucks (like a month's wages for many chinese folk), 'cause that only serves to reward the deed and propagate the behaviour. Otherwise, it's just a hassle to replace things.

Hit the Strawberry Music Fest bk in BJ which was pretty fun. Saw a bunch of people i know. Including Heather and her bf, and a friend who sorta dumped me. So that was all kinda weird.

And also that was the end date for me and J. So now i'm officially single again, and actually gung ho to stay this way for a while. Which won't necessarily be very fun. We'll see.

Also. It's just over a week 'til the Great Wall Marathon. or 1/2 marathon, for me, i should say. Too many stairs, either way.

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