Friday, August 15, 2008

Later, India! or Bring On The Guilt

Had a full on finish in bombay before catching my plane out. Very very nice to be able to spend so much time with new and old friends. You may have heard me harp on before about how i meet such awesome people, but it's TRUE. i'm a very lucky boy.

A lot of people have asked me what i think of India/Indians, and this time around i was really struck by people's generosity. SO many people have been SO helpful and SO generous with their time, money, food, and homes. And half the time, it's coming from people who are like WAY lower than me on the economic scale.

"i don't want tourists to have a bad eperience in India," said a young student who refused to let me pay my busfare and rode with me to my destination. Um, does that happen in Canada?

Also, I should make particular mention of Vinit and his family who were super gracious hosts for the end of my trip, and got me totally loaded up on goodies before i split town. I sometimes wonder what i've done to deserve so much from the universe and its creatures.

Well at least i've learned how to graciously accept things and be happy. i seriously didn't know how to before. But now i feel the pressure and responsibility to pass such generosity on. This is the good side of Keeping Up With the Joneses, ain't it?

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