Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Smattering of High Brow Culture

Yesterday H and i went to catch the symphony, and it was pretty cool. It was a performance of works by Joe Hisaishi, who wrote all the music for Mizazaki Hayao's japanimation movies.

Hayao's works include Totoro, Princess Mononoki, and Spirited Away, and more; all wonderfully magical, cute, and intelligent. So the chance to see a symphony playing a live score to projected images was a score.

(Yes Molly, you were right. Spirited Away is amazing. Even if i refused to see it back in the day because i refused to see Disney-funded movies. (though i still boycott Disney, a far too powerful right-wing corporate media conglomeration)).

Anyhow, considering that i've developed a habit of snoozing at the orchestra, having some visual stimulation was just the thing for a very pleasant outing w/ my gf, even if we were originally deceived into thinking that the concert would be in the brand new National Centre of the Performing Arts. (below)

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