Sunday, May 18, 2008

No Joy of Txt

Ok. First the school MADE me buy a cell phone. Grumble grumble.

Although really it's been a very very useful thing for a stranger to have in a strange land.

i ADMIT it, ok? i ADMIT it.

i also admit that i have eventually acquired the skill of txt msging. (gasp! you?) Yes, me. Me.

i like txting 'cause it is reasnble 2 use as mny shrtcts as psble. Evn grmr freeks wl take shrtcts cz it takes so bludy lng 2 type out msgs.

Also txting is free in China, so everyone txts. So it's kind of a necessary way to get along around here. When in Rome. But txting is a definitely a shitty way 2 communicate. In this case, it's good 'cause it's cheap, but that's about all it has going for it.

Much much much much worse than email. Or msn. Or ICQ, if anyone still uses that.

And it particularly sucks when you meet someone and then you txt each other, and that's how you get to know them. In shrt abbrviated sntncs w. smiley faces :)

a bad way 2 go imo. There's only bn 1 guy who i've done this w/ so far, and it's been fine, but it's such a time consuming lame way 2 cmnicate. :P

i got 2 go.

(he says "ha" a lot).

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