Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Mascot Diaries. Part 1

Here's a diversion from the doom and gloom of the news.

I'm Wanwan, the ringleader of this gang. Everyone else are just animals. But me, i'm the olympic FLAME. The IOC were drooling over me from the minute they first saw me. Charismatic, pursuasive, and driven. They knew i could play the cards to incisively implant myself into the unsuspecting hearts of ignorant children. I knew it would be a walk in the park. And the IOC knew it too.

But the deal clincher was my Olympic sized cock. I got the balls to lead the other mascots, and the juices to grease important palms. My money shots are now inspiring record breaking profits in dozens of currencies, and the hot Olympic love is only just beginning.

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