Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Mascot Diaries. Part 2

Hello, I am Baybay. I have secret.
I am from Uighur province. Everyone in family was starve back in Uighur so father beg he old brother Xiao to let me stay with he at Beijing. When I come here, Xiao practice me hours every day to lose local accent and dialect. Noone must know I am a minority group. So I no talk.

Yes since I lucky find the new occupation as Olympic fish. I smile and wave. People like. I no talk. Smile and wave. After I eat I have a little yuan I can send to family. Family very happy.

After work, I still try no talk, because I still have accent. If boss man hears, he be very angry. He no like people from Uighur. If I lose job, Xiao send me back to Uighur. I send no yuan back to family.

Family have no food.

Father hit me.

Father starve.

Baybay also starve.

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