Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shaken and Stirred

The massive quake in southern China is having a huge impact on Chinese folk everywhere. It passed by unnoticed by me and most folk in the 'hood, but i did speak w/ one parent who felt his high rise swaying, and lanterns and stuff were swinging around too. Note: we are bloody far from the epicentre: 1500km.

Here's a very depressing breakdown of places hit, missing numbers and casualties from BBC.

My coworker showed me a picture today of a group of dead school children who'd been uncovered.

Too many students and teachers have been buried in schools which have been called "tofu" buildings, in that they [may have been] made soft and cheap.

The hometown of one of my student's is from the area, but his family is reportedly ok.

So today i threw an article at my students, and made them learn words like landslide. and earthquake. And sent them off to write a journal which i suspect a bunch of them won't have done.

Oh well.

This plus the cyclone in Burma all seems a bit much.

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