Saturday, January 26, 2008

Zaijian, BJ (he nimen)! [Bye Beijing (and you!)]

Tomorrow afternoon H and i are flying out to Hainan for a wk to hang out on sunny beaches and read books. i admit i'm a wee bit apprehensive 'cause it's likely to be quite touristy, and i wonder if i might be bored. (that happened the last time i tried to hang on a beach, and that was only for 2 days).

Then we're off to Hong Kong to take in some modern urbanity for a while. Then H will go off to her 1st Vipassana course, leaving me celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day solo. i'm trying to seize this chance to be unstructured and spontaneous... except what if i can't find a room anywhere???

At any rate i'll pbly spend time in Macau, maybe some islands near HK, maybe even go into the city of Guangzhou. I'll let you know later on.

In the meantime: Cheung jie kuaile (Happy Spring Festival).

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