Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beijing Prayer Flags

This homage to the blessings and luxuries of contemporary living are just steps away from my front front door. Ubiquitous plastic bags have been a (relatively) long standing tradition in contemporary Chinese living. But times move fast and a change is gonna come.

In the news today... China is going to ban plastic bags! About f'ing time, imo. The ultra thin bags pictured above and below will be kicked off the production lines.

China is to ban the use of some plastic bags and force consumers to pay for others in its latest attempt to conserve resources and ease environmental pressures, the state council announced yesterday.As many as 3bn plastic bags a day are used in China, putting intolerable pressure on the country's resources, it said.

Part of me wonders if China can handle it. Disposable goods are DEEPLY ingrained into society. It's pretty bloody hard to be an environmentalist around here. Let's hope that unnecessary packaging is next on the block.

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Molly said...

In Korea, you want a bag, you pay for a bag.