Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'll "New York Times" Your Ass!

I practically pooped my pants when writing the last blog, 'cause in researching nose picking, i came across this NY Times article, which prominently featured this photo:
And i was all ready to go raving mad about how the fuckers somehow gave the credit to some Doug Kanter guy when I was obviously the one who shot the pic, and had been naive enough to post publicly on flickr:
But in the end, a bit of detective work revealed that Mr Kanter had not stolen my image. But seriously the composition is pretty bloody close, even if his really is more professionally executed.

Frankly, i haven't been all that stoked on the pix i've been shooting in CN. Lots good, but few stellar. And stellar is obviously what i'm after.

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ljskipper said...

'ello wil
I love reading your blog. what different worlds we live in. I'm interested in seeing the photo that you shot that ressembles Mr.Kanter's. I also have been enjoying your flikr photos, and particularly like the one of you and heather with santa hats on. the look on your face is priceless. missing you much. Lucy