Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years BJ action!

After my friend J and her band played a gig at an indie craft-fair in a shopping mall, a handful of us ended up forgoing all parties and clubs and just watching CCTV's live broadcasts of NYE Craptaculars while downing several bottles of Great Wall red wine.

Most people around these parts couldn't really give a crap about the gregorian nye. But if they do, then you double the annual party action!

Now H is already counting down to our Spring Festival one-month holiday which kicks in Jan25. FYI, we're hitting Hainan island province for some warm beach action, then off to Hong Kong so H can meditate and i'll just go where the wind blows for 10 days of solo adventuring.

ps. Lots new pix posted on Flickr, from Shanghai and earlier.

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