Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ice and Rock

My friend Joy invited me out to Houhai Lake to go skating yesterday, and i jumped at the chance since just the night before i unsuccessfully proposed it to Heza.

Houhai Lake is a happening restaurant, bar and lounge area that gets quite busy on the ice come winter.

But surprise surprise there were no skates in my size. So instead i rented this ice-bike thing, which rocked severely, much to my surprise. That thing trucked.

Joy told me, "They say that there's no point in living in Beijing if you don't skate at Houhai." So that rocks. Except that i didn't skate. I biked. Final judgement, folks?

(aside: Also, apparently you don't really live in BJ until yr bike is stolen. Check!)

That night we hit went to Mao Livehouse to watch a slew of BJ rock bands, where the theme was 80's cartoon theme songs. Most of it wasn't so hot, but there was one band who really nailed the electro-punk thing a few times, and pretty much all the theme covers were pretty goofy and entertaining.

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Reebs said...

That ice bike is too much. You look so hardcore on it, without mits and all. I want to print that picture up and put it in my office. I also want one to take to Ottawa and zoom down the canal and stop and every Beavertail, I would be unstoppable!