Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nose Picking: the future of nose hygeine

You may have heard about BJ's efforts to curb people's spitting on the curb. While i admit i do find the issue pretty interesting, i find it particularly interesting that spitting's in the spotlight, but nose picking ain't.

Yes, it was pretty gross this morning to pass by a looger on the floor of my building entrance today, but the nose picking's at least as much of a western faux pas as all the fingers driven way up into the nostrils.

Really, it's like a public norm comparable to say... blowing your nose. Sure we don't like it, but hell, you can't exactly just let snot run all over your upper lip now can you?

Some people are wagging their fingers about how BJ needs to stop spitting so China doesn't lose face in Aug 08. And maybe those wagging fingers have dried chunks of snot wedged underneath them.

Because once you feel the freedom of eradicating a malevolent and tenacious booger while striding tall on the sunny sidewalk, well hell, there's no going back. Yes, i've joined the legions of cashiers, servers, bus drivers, and cooks who understand the true meaning of freedom!

photo by Mr Mark.

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