Friday, July 31, 2009

touristy for touristy tourists

tomorrows tomorrow
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Don't know why i find it so annoying that so many culturally historic and beautiful spots get all touristy.

i spent a day and night in Kunming where a young woman i met on the train offered to take me around Kunming. We poked out heads into some loud mainstream bars and walked around sipping beers, cabbing home before we even finished sipping. Kunming struck me as another big chinese city, so i got out fast.

And arrived in Dali today. Which seems great, but is all newly renovated and full of beautiful new fountains, and int'l restaurants and guest houses, bars and gift shops. Ok, so i talked w/ some guy in a cafe for a long time, 'cause he was playing guitar there. And now i'm in a bar/cafe listening to radiohead. It's all very convenient and comfortable, but i know i gotta get more remote and less convenient before long!

More on Dali once i pry myself out of the cafes.

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