Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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Maybe it's a bit too touristy, but it sure is purdy to look at them mountains. That's what i do here. Bike, look at mountains, hike, look at mountains, swim, look at mountains.

Unfortunately Q wasn't able to hang out long, ' cause the mud bath in the water caves would pbly be more fun w/ a girl to hang out with.

Now i'm sort of solo again, though i've hooked up w/ the german dude from Shanghai and Guangzhou here in Yangshuo, funnily enough. That's cool, even if it somehow encourages me to drink more than i would solo.

Anyhow, a week in YS is just about enough, even if i didn't squeeze in any rock climbing (too much rain, today). And even though i'ts nice here, the town itself is a bit too touristy to hang out for too long. i think it'll be nice to get somewhere quieter and more remote for a while.

By tomorrow night i'll pbly be in Yunnan province. Heading eastwards.

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