Friday, July 3, 2009

Heading Out

Um, i really oughta finish packing ASAP, but thought i should drop y'all a quick line before i split.


FYI, here's the very loose itinerary.

1. Night train to shanghai tomorrow. There i'll hang out a bit, and meet up w/ a couple aunts etc, who i haven't seen in ages.

2. Hangzhou. Because i just found out today that Chinese folk liken it to Heaven.

3. Ningbo, because i have a sort of distant relative there and some old fam connections started up museums and universities there.

4. Xiamen, 'cause it's supposed to be nice. And there's an island nearby w/ no cars on it.

5. Guilin. Down south. So beautiful it's horribly touristy, but horribly beautiful nonetheless, so they say.

6. Yangshuo. Hippy village. Tons of nightlife for bkpackers. I'll meet up w/ Qianqian here and we'll move on to

7. Yunnan. Dunno. i really wanna see this southern province, and everyone raves about it.

8. Szechuan. Spicy food, and psuedo tibetan monasteries.

9. Qinghai. Getting remote.

10. Xinjiang. Getting north again. China that's not like China. Sort of a disputed autonomous region. Potentially dangerous, i hear.

11. Not sure, but i'll work my way bk to BJ, possibly cruising thru Mongolia...

Ok. Really. I need to jet. i'm gonna be late for dinner!

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