Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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I'm eating too much instant noodles on the overnight train trips. I'll start spending more on meat-laden dishes in the train restaurants, pbly.

Met up with Q in Nanning where her friends have a Yaletown-ish pizza restaurant. Thru them we got a swank hotel room for dirt cheap. Nanning's not so exciting, though i enjoyed the brief stay. Got a bit drunk at a wine tasting event in their restaurant, and had a nice drenched walk in the rain.

Guilin was alright too. Cool to see how people built a city in the midst of so many vertically incined peaks. But not unexpectedly the city is a tad over touristified. We stayed in her friends' apartment there, which was a very designery pad built into a rather old and run-down building. Very cool. Except for the cockroach i discovered running down my leg one night. Yuck.

Now i'm in Yangshuo, which seems way way better than Guilin. A small town full of restaurants, bike rental places, and rock climbing tours. Unfortunately there's not much opportunity to live it up right now since Q suddenly came down wih a frighteningly high fever.

She's presently bed-ridden. I spent the afternoon being the sympathetic boyfriend, but at present i'm pretty annoyed because frankly i was pretty nervous about how hot her forehead and entire body was, and ran out to get some medication for her, which she steadfastly refused to take, acting like a bit of a 4 yr old, i thought.

Then her friends arrived with more medication, which she dutfully swallowed with minimum hassle. That has rather pissed me off.

Oh well, such is life. Now she is likely to be passed out for the rest of the night, and i can walk around and drink a beer.

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