Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crab on a Stick

goldfish holocaust
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Everywhere in China you got these people barbecuing meat on the street. In some towns they have crabs and frogs etc sitting around waiting to be cooked.

So today i watched some dude carefully select the 4 crabs he wanted to consume.

i found it rather intense to watch the lady shove the bamboo rods through the crabs face, and out its ass. The stick was no skinny toothpick. This was done to the following 3 friends.

Then, legs madly scrambling, the crabs were put over the red coals. After a minute or 2, they were turned over, and had hot chili sauce and oil swabbed over their bellies and faces.

I couldn't believe how long those 40 legs were determined to twitch.

On the one hand, this all struck me as a fate worse than crucifiction!

But i was more interested in the ... normalcy of it. i mean hell, this happens to millions of animals everyday, some get it a bit better, some get it worse.

i believe the dude enjoyed eating it, so i guess that's good.

At any rate, i'm happy to be veg. Even if i'm a terribly lax one.

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