Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trekking Leaping Tiger Gorge

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i have done a 2 day trek through Leaping Tiger Gorge.

Wow. This has been the best thing i've done this holiday. Very powerful.

Hey, i've lived next to the Rocky Mountains most of my life, but on this trip i've seen the most majestic masses of rock i've ever seen in my life. 4.5 km of steep granite face, stretching from the violently turbulent river below, vertically stretching up toward the sky, where the clouds gently caress the peaks who occasionally reveal their shy faces.

On day 1, i hiked with some chinese guy, who i rarely understood, and who rarely understood me. After so much steep vertical ascent, and dangerous descents, when it got to be 7pm, i decided to stay at a guest house. He crazily continued to hike another 2 hours to the next one.

Day 2, i hiked w/ some Denmark guys (who are studying Chinese in BJ), and a couple Canadian girls. Fun gang.

Not surprisingly, the chinese govt is eyeing this gorge for a future dam project. Which is tragic in numerous ways. But hell, if i was gonna make a dam, this is where i'd make it. With that massive amount of surging water, screaming between two tight mountain faces, it's impossible not to be awed by the power (electricity?) it contains.

And rumour is, that China needs more power. And China does as China wants.


I (and many others) feel very blessed to have been able to experience Leaping Tiger Gorge.

ps. I think my pix may give some clue as to the magnitude of this place, which i will of course post later. Somewhere.

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