Saturday, April 11, 2009


Apparently if you go to a jazz big band swing concert and you wear a fedora, all the women will wrongfully assume that you know the slightest thing about swing dancing.

Still, the 20 piece band, and guest vocalists were fantastic, and by the end of the night i had actually remembered a few moves from gym class 20 years ago. And my friend had picked up enough to keep up with me, though she's definitely not used to being "led", haha.

Interesting event, called Great Wall Swing Out. The next morning a whole crew and the band went out to dance on the wall. A lot of people from Shanghai and Hong Kong had come out to dance. Mostly beautiful women, incidentally. (isn't that what they always say about dance groups/class?) Anyhow, it's a nice change of pace to just stand around, and to be asked to dance by gorgeous strangers. Even if a number of them withdrew their request after hearing, "Sure... but i don't actually know what to do..."

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