Friday, April 10, 2009


You may recognize my bony legs in the picture above. Unfortunately, this exhibition is in Guilin, so i am unable to attend.

Anyhow, if you're interested, some of the pix from the photoshoot way back when are on the photographer's flickr site. Mostly on pg 4 now, i think.

In fact, there's nothing that particularly shows its me, and though pix may be suggestive they're not particularly explicit.

I may pose a bit for another friend tonight, but more for fashion photography. She said something about big brand names. "But i don't have any brand name clothes. I hate brand names." "It's supposed to be ironic." "Hahaha, ok, fine then." But still. i don't have anything brand name.


greensnake said...

holy fuck you are hot naked. when did you say you are coming back to canada????

statusq said...

Um, yeah hot so long as you dig the guys who are officially underweight. If you trust the BMI, that is, which i'm not sure i do. Bk to Canada... summer 2010 peut-etre?