Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just in time for 4.twenty.

After an achingly long separation from my lover/friend/demon/therapist, that special lung-cancer inducing, mind-shifting cigarette, i finally got connected. Admittedly it was kind of a shady transaction, with high speed pass offs in darkly lit street, but i've gathered that that's sorta the norm in these parts. So much for the wholesome days of buying from my ex-gf over a cup of herbal tea, she being hookt up by her dad, with a personal guarantee that the hell's angels had never touched the stuff.

But taking into account any embedded bad karma, i was quite happy with the... taste. To indulge, me and my friend had gone to the Temple of Heaven for the day, which was fine, but the place was rammed with tourists. Luckily, it dawned upon us that a rented paddle boat is the perfect place for a mellow semi-secluded spot to ... relax. Although oddly enough, a family did a high speed crash into us mere moments after sparking.

Since getting connected i'd surprisingly started partaking daily. Which seems great in the sense that i've been enjoying my walks and jogs and bike rides and movies immensely. i've been eating tons, which is good to help me acquire another pound or 2. And i've been smoking more cigarettes and rather enjoying them.

Also on the downside... have you ever heard that the stuff makes you... stupid? Example: on the bus with my friend, (70% of the time we talk English, 20% of the time we talk French, and 10% of the time we talk Chinese) i was a bit... (drunk), and i was talking to her about my past experience with alleged... (alcohol), not caring about other passengers since no one could understand me, until my friend, with a worried expression, informed me that i was in fact talking CHINESE and was thus comprehensible to any interested ears. Duh. Then i felt weird about this one staring guy, and had to ditch the bus.

Another example... last night while jogging home with a litre of yogurt in one hand and pack of msg-laden Pringles (and man, i like never eat that shit), i tripped on the sidewalk, got thrown to the ground , and (i can only presume) lost my apartment building key. i took that as a sign that maybe this daily habit isn't in my best interests.

Rats. Too bad, 'cause i admit that as soon as i stepped into the apt this evening, i rather felt like having some. So instead i poured myself a glass of scotch, and reminisced about a crazy long streak of sobriety i had in my 20's... mostly 'cause at the time i just felt like sobriety was the shit.

Although i recall that i would've done a line, if one had been offered to me. Funny that.

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