Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Protect Me! Protect Me!

According to the National Office of Cleaning Up Pour Nog Raffi, they've officially blocked 200 million pieces of "harmful information" from the internet!

Good work, ol' chums!... But i should let you know....

You missed LOTS.

Also, BJ is likely going to allow the publication of Playboy in China for the 1st time during the Olympics. In order not to deny the planets' world class athletes from their healthy wanking needs.

Many are all too happy to point out the hypocrisy in China's stance on Playboy and other publications, but hell if China's opening its doors, now's the time to do it. How many times has "temporary" turned out to be more than temporary? Maybe i'm being optimistic, but i think it's about time China gave up the heavy-handed Pourn is perverting young minds! stance.

This is just a short post, so i won't wax philosophic about craving, stimulation, release, nature or the media machine.

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