Sunday, March 16, 2008

Media Discrepencies Expected

Hey, even China Daily mentioned (way dn on the page) the rioting in Tee-Bet. Terrible, the way this all "embarrasses" China on the eve of its god-given right to have the glorious Olympic spotlight shining brighter than its ever shone before.

The BeeBeeSee confirms that 80 folk are dead, whereas the Chinese sources claim 10 dead as a result of rioter-started fires. The China Daily article largely focuses on how the riots have hardly disturbed local life. The author also states, "It's the common aspiration of the Tibetan people to maintain national unity, ethnic solidarity and social harmony."

This sort of rhetoric may be closer to the truth than you think, considering that the Chinese govt has been actively promoting migration of Chinese people into Tee-bet for years now, increasing the non-Tibetan population and interbreeding of people and cultures. Basically the concept of separation there is getting messier by the moment.

The recent rioting has brought the spotlight onto China again, but weirdly enough, hardly anyone mentions how weird it is for Tee-betans (who we westerners like to imagine are all peace'n'harmonious-y meditators) to be rioting and looting. But the fact is, just cuz yr tee-betan, doesn't mean yr anything like the Dolly Lamma.

You could just be some punk-ass 18 yr old who's pissed off that chinese people are taking over yr 'hood and who gave them the right to send their olympic cigarette a-running through yr gramma and gramp's streets?

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