Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Next 2.5 Years Laid Out In Stone

Signing on for another 2 years is great 'cause H and i will get lots of time to ... do stuff on this hemisphere of the planet. Here's what we're thinking of:

Summer 08
statusq goes to India to meditate and maybe say hi to Satya Sai Baba.
H goes to Canada
Then they meet up and go to... Rats, it doesn't look like Taiwan will pan out due to $ and transportation issues. Maybe Korea? Don't know.

Oct 08
mom and dad (and bro?) swing into China for a visit. we can go... somewhere maybe.

xmas 08
another long wkend in Shanghai, just for old time's sake

Feb 09

Summer 09
Hungary, Geneva (to meet up w/ friends), and a couple other EU spots

and other things to squeeze in: i gotta visit family in the Philippines, and we definitely gotta hit Japan.

On the bad side, i was thinking that i don't need to to go to Canada this summer, cuz i can just go next yr, but then i forgot that now we have unofficial plans to go galavanting in Europe. Oh well, i'll get bk sooner or later. Hey, year 1 is practically over!

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