Friday, March 21, 2008

And the Latest Headlines...

I was pretty interested to see the BBC article which stated

A senior Chinese diplomat told a European China watcher recently that China felt bewildered by the criticism it is getting in advance of the Olympic games and was inexperienced at handling it.

And also Ms Pelosi getting lots of hype for the most official looking plea i've yet seen for Tea-bet-an Indy-pent-ants.

so i thought i'd check out what China Daily had to say about it. There, the top headline read Torch relay will visit Tibet as planned, organizers say
. And there was hardly any other mention of the situation, which i thought was rather comical. i admit that i often check China Daily so i can roll my eyes.

Regardless, the torch article was pretty interesting. Did you know The 137,000-km relay will visit 134 cities in five continents? That More than 20,000 torchbearers and 5,000 escort runners will take part in the 130-day relay? That It will pass by some of the world's most famous sites, such as the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, the British Museum in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris? That it will scale the peak of Mt Everest?

So fucking ridiculous! Not to mention that scaling Mt Everest is, like, dangerous. So good thing they're not letting for-in media in to, like, confirm anything.

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