Sunday, March 16, 2008

Michael Moore Hates America...?

H's friend was telling us about how she saw Michael Moore in a new light after watching the docuflick Micheal Moore Hates America.

When she was telling us about it, i noticed a strong reaction in me, saying NO I DON'T WANT TO WATCH IT. And then i was like sheesh, what's up w/ me? i'm like those rt wingers who don't wanna watch Michael in the 1st place, so then i was like ok, i'll watch it before trying to slam all of your arguments.

Then i watched it.

And i still found myself trying to pick apart the movie at every turn, and was disappointed at how un-open i was to the experience of watching it.

But in the end, i just don't think it's a very good movie. Fair enough, Mr Moore isn't the most ethical film-maker. Not that we really thought he was: we know he's a master media manipulator but it is interesting (and a touch disappointing) to see how he's twists things up sometimes.

But at least Moore has the lofty goal of shifting the political will of the american public, whereas this Wilson guy uses many of the same pathos tricks just to blab about how Moore is hypocrite.

He accuses Moore of being a hypocrite for making corporate money off of a movie which is counter corporate, and he's a rookie film-maker who sees a niche to make a flick, knowing that popular media would jump on a movie to counter Moore. So good on you Wilson. You made a movie, stated some facts, and made your money. It's the American Dream! except for the stating facts part: that's not the dream, is it?

1/5 communist stars

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