Saturday, March 5, 2011


Sorry this is a tiny bit old, but if you haven't seen the above yet, then, there ya go.

Ok ok you all know that the Chinese govt censors some things. Fine, that's the way it is. China, love it or leave it. But if you DO live in China, then maybe you should at least understand the way it works around here. If you don't like (for example) something like censorship, then is it wise to post a video like the one above on the Chinese internet? That's just giving the Chinese govt all the justification they need to make sure that super strict surveillance of people's surfing habits is required.

The fact that the video is a cute cartoon is proof that it's intended to appeal to young and impressionable minds, opening ripe possibilities of creating revolutionaries.

People in China need to be a little bit more f'ing SENSITIVE to the dangers that less than purely communist ideas could spread.

If you know people in China, please let them know how to behave respectfully in order to create a harmonious society for all Chinese citizens, young and old, for all China, Asia, and the world!


Shiraz said...

Wil, I can't tell if you're being tongue-in-cheek or not?

statusq said...

Yeah, i was just taking the piss. Haha!

statusq said...

Ok, i made it a bit more obvious even.

Shiraz said...


Paige said...

wow, that is one messed up cartoon! I do plan to see the latest Spike and Mike festival soon, so I suppose I'm in for more of the same! eeek