Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Victorious Anticlimax

Several semi-secret meetings later.
Meetings with the Chinese public school, that is.
Who's attempting to sway us teachers to the Red side of the force.
And they just may come up with a big enough wad of cash to do so.
And there was some rather hard to believe updates from our own school.
Like, "Oh, it turns out we're not going (to the new location) after all."
Then getting a super rare email from one of the owners:
"7/10 chances that we're going."
Then we had more meetings w/ the Chinese school.
Our own employer undoubtedly aware of them.
And when we finally got back to asking our own school what the sitch is,
they said the school's not doing a middle-of-the-term switch to the boondogs
after all.
Because they asked parents and parents weren't keen.
Even though the last report was that they asked parents
who were supportive of the switch
(um, yeah right).
Highly doubtful that any parents were ever notified about the situation
and highly likely that they reconsidered when us teachers kicked up such a stink.
Me, far from being the instigator on that count.
i really oughta be less passive.
This is GREAT news for teachers and students.
We finish the year w/out dividing the student body,
or fucking everything else up royally.
And in fact
it kinda leaves us teachers in a better position than we were in before
'cause now we've got 2 schools giving us options for next year.
We expect a peek at the public school contract in a wk or so.
but it'll have to look pretty darn good
if it's gonna tempt us to take on the risk and stress of a new uncertified school.

But it would be, at least, downtown.

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Shiraz said...

nice! glad to hear how it's panning out.