Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Gig

Last week was another of Yuqi's gigs, and he asked me last week to open. i admit i was hesitant, since in fact i got kinda stressed last time and didn't dig it too much. Anyhow i consented to play "3 or 4" songs since i'd have no time to practice that week.

Day of the gig i finally chose a handful of songs to play, and practiced for a little while.

Then come performance time, i made oodles of mistakes from my get go intro piece (on the piano: ha!), and throughout. But i really didn't care that much about it. Pbly helped a bit from the beer previously consumed, but also, the bar was full of people just hanging out for a drink, as opposed to paying for a ticket.

Anyways it was pretty fun. After the band played me and Yuqi sort of jammed a bit (and i'm a shitty jammer), later joined by the keyboard player. It was cool, even if it dind't all sound so good.

There's no denying i sing off key way too often.

I should mention that Yuqi invited me to actually join his band. This is pretty crazy considering that he and most of the band are, like, professional. He said i could play a little Korg keyboard or something. "But you already have a keyboard player." "But James is a professional player, who's studied music a lot. You're an untrained Canadian indie musician. It's totally different." Well i guess there's something to that.

I figure i shouldn't be a chicken shit, and be intimidated out of the kind of music opportunity that rarely avails itself to hacks like me. So anyhow, I'll talk to him soon about it.

Also, Epiphone gave him a super sweet (and pricey) guitar which he offered to sell me for 1/2 of what its worth. I wonder if getting a rad guitar would actually entice me bk into songwriting fervor, or would it mostly just gather dust like my present guitar does? (I usually just play my xylophone these days. Really.)

Anyhow, for those interested, here's one of Yuqi's videos, so you can get a feel for his flavour.

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