Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Silver Lining

Nice silver linings:
1) As i was putting on my shoes for my evening of solo wandering, a girl recognized me from Kyoto, and started chatting w/ me. So i accompanied her for dinner, and mentioned that earlier i was at that Osaka gay bar. "Oh i love gay bars, let's go find one."

So we did.

And despite commentary from a DJ himself that Umeki has no good bars/clubs, the joint was pretty cool. And how can you possibly go wrong with a tranny DJ pumping out lots of old Pizzicato 5 songs, in a lounge-dance music themed night?

Funnily enough the London girl i went w/ wasn't into it. She would prefer listening to Nickelback, it turned out.

2) On the plane bk to BJ sat next to a Japanese guy who's lived in BJ for 8 yrs. Started getting my mandarin on again. He was decked out like a Ramone, used to work for the legendary bar D22, and Maybe Mars record label. Anyhow, it was quite fun shooting the breeze w/ him, and we'll pbly meet up later.

So that was all better than the piss-off ending to my trip it could've been.

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