Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Japan: pros and cons

-i like the efficiency.
-i like the futurama.
-i like the order.
-the food is great.
-you can drink the TAP WATER here!!!
-The skies are blue.
-it's spotlessly clean most everywhere.
-wilderness and hikes easily accessible.
-Japanese people look really good. Quite fashionable in that cosmo way.
-People are super friendly. Keen to give me small gifts for no real reason.


-The address system which doesn't use street names is (in the opinion of many) incomprehensible.
-Ubiquitous heated seats and auto-opening car doors and other luxuries seem totally unnecessary.
-a 'normal' 6 day work week/ 14 hour days?
-there's a reservedness and conservative-ness that's a bit stifling. i horribly offended some people by blowing my nose while walking on the sidewalk.
-rather tricky to actually get animal-free food, even after stating, 'watashi wa beijiterian desu'.
-Although it's said that you can travel in japan on a budget, it's pretty darn hard to do so. So i stay in hostels mostly, and that's ok. But food and ticket prices etc add up rather quickly.

the manga thing. there's really no denying it. The overt sexualization of school girls in manga comics is self-evident. so us westerners think, Hm, that's bad, that will make us into peodophiles. Right?

so i want to see stats. Is peodophilia more common in Japan than in other countries? Dunno. Sounds kinda like that argument about how pornograpy will make people into sex-maniacs, whereas countries which are more sexually liberal seem to have less sex offenders than, say, the usa. Granted, who can begin to count the factors i'm omitting here.

Ok, more later. tomorrow: kyoto. for a brief 2 days, then onto the slow boat to china.

for a blitz through my apt, before heading off Lanzhou to meet qianqian's parents.

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