Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missed details and side commentary

-japanese people (women in particular) are so good at being/looking happy. Are you really so overjoyed i walked into or exited the store? It's a bit weird.
-many japanese people are nice. twice i was given a gift within minutes of random acquaintanceship.
-yes there is a strange surplus of model-esque and capital U cUte women in Japan. But in fact many of them look bizarrely similar. Such is the magic of make up.

-chatted w/ a Hiroshima bomb survivor (w/ aid of a translator)
-enjoyed the Hiroshima Peace Museum, but think i learned more from the Barefoot Gen graphic novels (again, highly recommended).
-hiked 8km from 1 historic village to another through layers of fresh snow and forests. Didn't see another hiker.
-got through 2.5 wks in Japan w/out bodily injury. Amen: no travel insurance.
-visited a number of japan's ubiquitous onsen (hot springs), including (imo) questionable electric baths which send AC current through yout body, quickly inducing your feet and fingers to tingle in a less than pleasant way.
-was curious to observe entire shelves of porn movies intended to enlighten the masses about the erotic arts of pissing, shitting, and vomiting.

And if you need any more reason to check out Japan, this trailer is all you need to know:

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