Saturday, April 19, 2008

No News Today

H: Are you gonna blog?
sQ: i dunno. i don't have anything to say. do i?
H: (no response)

So here's some stuff to fill the vacuous void of existence.

on Friday we went to see Vancouver band You Say Party We Say Die play at D-22, along w/ some BJ acts. It was pretty fun and packed. i met a guy when we were belting out This Monkey's Gone to Heaven between bands. He and his 2 friends were americans who live in Shanghai. It was fun to listen to him talk about how crap the music scene is in SH.

i couldn't believe it when i read H's blog and she said it was a "nightmare" that people were packed like sardines. i just called it a good party.

BJ indie rock girls Ourselves Beside Us were great.

Other stuff.

Waffling on my plans to go to India for summer. Now i'm thinking of staying in BJ and going to Mandarin school. Maybe doing some volunteer work.

H's dad and sister are ariving in BJ in a couple days for an impromptu 1wk visit, which should be fun. They will stay w/ us here in the gated community.

Trying to find out when classes are at the mandarin school but nobody who answers the phone there speaks Eng.

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