Monday, April 28, 2008

I (heart) BJ

By the way, i did eventually find a store that sells the I Heart BJ tshirts. We can't know if it's fully tongue in cheek or not, but the store is pretty hip. If you want a t-shirt that can't be worn without obvious inappropriate interpretations and brief explanations, lemme know. I'll get one yr way.


Leighton said...

Well I heart BJ shirt! If you're offering, I would love to have one sent my way. I am always on the lookout for husband presents. Especially now that I will be sending him pkgs in Africa. Actually, might be easier to just send it to Africa. Let me know what's best and I will get you an addy. What's the deal with sizes? Mini, extra mini and tres, tres mini?

Andrew said...

Random stranger here, found your blog off google-but I was wondering where you could buy these shirts - I've been here two weeks and despite my best efforts have yet to find a place that sells them. Just a general location would be great.

statusq said...

Hey andrew,
you can find them at Plastered Tshirts at Nanluoguoxiang.

Cool area, and great store.

Andrew said...

Thanks a bunch =]