Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's Make Mr [sq] Blush!

Today i started a new project w/ my upper ESL gr7's. In this project they need to facilitate a class discussion about... anything. But they need to generate interest, ask questions, and pick on classmates who are falling asleep or distracted. (i hope to generate some empathy from them).

I ask the 1st students what their topic was.
"Mr [sq]."

Turns out i feared unnecessarily. The students went over the top in their praises of my singing and guitar playing and and niceness. Someone complimented my clothes. It was completely embarrassing. "Paul, do you like Mr Wang's singing?" "Yes." "Why?" And a bit painful.

But hey, it was a really good presentation: good eye contact, an involved and attentive class.

They finished off w/ the question, "Mr [sq], do you like this class?" Aw shucks, gang! They were really sweet. Especially considering that the class was rather a headache just the day before.

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