Saturday, April 12, 2008

Links I Like

In these modern times people can see the whole world (wide web). Well some parts are hard to get to, but progress has recently brought us to distant locales like cbc and wikipedia! Youtube! No blogs w/out some sidestepping ohwell.

Also, being in a city of 15 million folk, you can be kinda isloated from the world. So addictions aside, amen to the world wide web. Here's some links that get heavy listing in my History bar.

The Guardian
Beyond Robson
(which has gone severely downhill since my departure, not only because of my departure. But Sean Orr's daily Morning Brew write up is everything i need to get my fix of sharp, cynical, and hilarious ultra lefty Vancouver news.
China Daily (let's call it "balance," if only to pretend objectivity)
Cup of Cha (a China political miscellania blog that's pretty great, and H and i have been commenting some. Chck out the totally brainwashed vitriol i sparked here)

Savage Love (i love Dan Savage . He's the hilarious voice of reason in a world plagued by sexual problems, complaints and queries. Being off in Kommyland, i need my wkly dose of Dan to stay levelled out).

Perez Hilton (actually i never go there, but H does, and i can't help but read over her shoulder)

And watching dnlded UK and american series' The Office.

The Scene
The Beijinger: (concert listings, events, community blog, etc)

My Friends' Blogs (Um, there's only THREE sites folks. If yr not on this list, feel free to drop me a line. i wasn't a blog reader before, but i am now)


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degan said...

BR has TOTALLY gone downhill in later days. lame.