Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 18: Fight?

A few months ago, Yoyo said she thought it was terrible that i didn't wash my feet daily before going to bed, and that lint from my socks was getting into the bed. She wanted me to wash my feet daily.

i figured it was kinda like a cultural thing, so i agreed and promised to do so but, on the condition that she also commit do doing something, so i suggested that she draw a picture daily for one month. 

She promised. 

But then she found it hard to find the time and frame of mind where she could draw something daily. So she made some attempts, but i found that i was often having to remind her to draw something. i found myself rather annoyed washing my feet daily when she hadn't lived up to her half of the bargain. 

Fair enough, she is sometimes stressed out from work, sometimes working a lot of overtime. And according to her, drawing something isn't something that she likes taking lightly. I figured that drawing something could take as little as 30 seconds, but according to her drawing something for the sake of drawing something in order to follow a schedule was not pleasant, and so when she got busy she would drop off of the consecutive drawings. 

And that always disappointed me. 

In a way, it's ridiculous for me to be mad about such a thing, but i figured it was a question of living up to one's commitments, and about me being able to trust her to keep her promises. She thought it was a fine idea when she promised, but apparently in day to day life, found it untenable. 

Also, it's true that this idea of the handshake promise is more of a western thing than a Chinese thing. 

So maybe i shouldn't be annoyed at all, but i am. 

Anyhow, here's what the Iching just advised about this situation: 

"34. Much Force

Line 1:

Strength is in the feet.
Undertakings bring misfortune.
Have confidence.
There is not enough of a foundation yet to set forth in this situation. Pushing ahead won't work. Have patience."

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