Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 11: Guiyang

Went to the city of Guiyang where i planned to visit a park and a buddhist temple for another CRI story before returning to BJ. After all, CRI sent me out ZERO times this year, so the more travel stories i can squeeze in, the better.

But 1, it was raining. 2, rainy weather is shitty for travel pictures. 3, i was a bit cold. But mainly 4, the taxi driver luckily mentioned that it would take about a couple hours' hike to get up to the temple, and my legs were in no mood  to lug me and my backpack up a thousand stairs.

So instead i went to a little not super interesting museum, and that suited me fine.

Later, i bumped into a Kenyan in the airport. Did i mention how weirdly nice and chilled out all the Kenyans and Ethiopians were?

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