Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14: Facebook

Well, i do look at Facebook almost daily now. I can't say it benefits me much, though it's kinda hard to stop using it. Kinda like porn. It is kinda interesting to occasionally see cute or thought-provoking links to articles/vids/pictures. And kinda interesting to see pix of friends' kids/spouses/Halloween costumes.

And some people post a lot of personal reflections about politics/spirituality/pop culture/the universe which can sometimes be quite impassioned.

And i see the extensive conversations that sometimes follow (the more productive useful side of FB).

But i have never succeeded at generating one of those conversations. In fact, i often feel ignored by my 270 friends. Sometimes i post a cute joke or something. Before i did the triathlon, i even said, "Wish me luck," and nobody did, boohooo!

Boy, i think the algorithm is like filtering me out or something. How could all 270 close friends turn their back on me in my time of need? What, do i have to personally message each and everyone to get a response? fuck that!

As before, i'm aware of social media's ability to connect people up, but it doesn't REALLY connect people.

For me, it's more of a time-waster. I arrive home, check my email, and when there's nothing there, i peek into FB, but virtually never find anything i NEED to know.

Anyhow, time to stop complaining.

I hereby pledge to stop using FB until next Friday. (Even though i just sent a msg to an old coworker saying that he shoulda ran the 100km race, 'cause i saw his name on the list there.)

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