Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17: Technology, Relationships, and the Family

One time i was visiting my parents, having a conversation about politics w/ my dad in the family room. My mom suddenly sighed heavily and said, "Can you two stop talking? I'm trying to watch Jeopardy!" So much for communicating with dad. 

i was reminded of that event today, after i was looking at the Scrabble game that i'm playing w/ my mom. (She's severely kicking my ass.) Anyhow, Yoyo turned to me and asked, "Why can't yr mom play w/ other people?"
"She does."
"So why do you have to play with her too?"
"Cause she's my mom. Obviously she wants to play Scrabble with her son!" 

Thoughts on tech usage: i refrained from getting a cell phone as long as i could, but my school forced me to buy one in 2007. After i got it, it dug its heels into my pocket and life. 

i don't have a smartphone, but know that after i get one... there'll be no going back. So i relish these last days of living without a freaking computer in my pocket. But, you ask, isn't an itouch the same as a computer? Well, it's that shifty purgatory between smartphone or not. It's not connected to the internet, usually. Here's my usage:

1) Learning Chinese apps and dictionary: slick flash cards have helped me a TON.
2) Listening to Chinese lessons when running/riding to work. 
3) Scrabble with mom and Scramble with only ONE friend. But these are often daily activities now. 
4) i use the sound recorder to interview people sometimes. Pretty darn handy. 

i spend enough time on the computer and surfing the interwebs that i oughtn't waste more time doing so away from my desk!

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