Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 16: Arguments!

Yoyo's just entered the between jobs phase. So she has time to do things like... make dinner for me. Yum. After dinner for some reason we talked about arguments, and i mentioned that the closest we've come to having one was about this jacket i bought that i really like that she really hates. Anyhow, that conversation was months ago, but i noticed a knot in my stomach i got from mentioning it. i let her know that i had this weird bit of knot in my stomach just from thinking about that conversation. Then she hadn't realized i was even bothered by that conversation, and then that buggered her into a bad mood. So we talked about arguments (which we haven't had yet, but someday will) and how to potentially deal w/ them.

Then i went to for a run in the rain. Yoyo opted out, when we realized it was raining. 

Yoyo's great. 

And running's fun too.

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