Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16 - The Good Life

Today. Out on assignment from CRI to report on hot springs. Sent out to a reasonably posh place where most tourists are Japanese and Korean.

An attractive young lady with a bit of English struggles through my interview questions and gives me a thorough tour.

At the end, I'm like, Okay, can i use the hot springs now?

"Oh you want to go IN the springs?"
"Yes, then I can write about how i feel about them."
"But then you need to pay." (Ridiculous! i already phoned twice and they said i could try things out) "Or we can give you a discount."

My supervisor tells me there's no budget for it.

Me and the woman argue a bit, eventually i speak to another manager, she calls another manager, he makes a phone call, and then i'm told, "No problem. We give you complimentary spa and food. No massage." (Well beggars can't be choosers.)

Ahhhhh, so soooothing and relaaaaaxing....

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Eva said...

Too bad you don't have "Like" buttons on here as on Wordpress. I don't want to "share" on fb or other platforms, but did want to "appreciate" the post, so I am left with the option of leaving a comment! The story on here, as to how you arrived at experiencing the hot springs, is far better than a formal account!