Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14- Officially Working For China State Media

First day on the new job. Reporting in the travel section for 2 weeks before getting switched over to copy editing. Which everyone says i gotta get out of.

Already got one article up online.

And now researching/writing a piece on Beijing hot springs. As of Wed, i'll be out to interview people and have a hot tub.

And assigned to attend a lecture and interview a photographer/blogger on Saturday.

All things considered, a pretty sweet intro to the new job.

And after work, came downtown w/ a handful of coworkers for 2 for 1 burgers (mine was portobello) and beers.

Welcome to China state media.

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Eva said...

Welcome! I haven't been on blogger since before I first came to China, so I see they've spruced things up on here in the past few months, but think I'm going to stick with Look forward to reading more of your entries, and to check up on the "state media" website to see your additions.