Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heading Out Today

Not yesterday.

Although I did pack my bags and hop on a subway to the railway station, only to receive a phone call from Q and to have her say, "why are you going to the station TODAY? You said you're leaving on the 2nd!"

Oops. This kind of confusion has been long running with me. My bad.

So I'm off today. First I'll pop into a park to see some Chinese New Year festivities. the firecrackers have already started booming around 8 am. Sheesh.

Then overnight train to Chengdu, where i'll hang out for a few days, most likely bypassing the pandas. Pandas: certainly worthwhile if my gf were w/ me, but you know how it is...

Then off to Mount Emei, which is dotted with buddhist temples and tourists, to meditate for... 5 days. Eventually heading to Chongqing, a central historical city in China.

That's roughly it.
Daily itinerary intentions: meditation, reading, studying Chinese, push ups. I'll see if i can do this til work kicks in again.

Later, folks.

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